Inspired identities




The popularity of animated gifs has certainly seen a rise in recent years becoming kitsch again. With so many annoyingly crap ones littering the web, it’s refreshing to see something a little more sophisticated.

These have a surreal feel, a captured moment, looping for all eternity.  They have a charm, which translate well into fashion photography for retail sites. You can see examples of cinemagraphs here. All credit to the creators, they are simply magic.





Yorkshire Sculpture Park

The Yorkshire Sculpture Park has to be one of my favourite places to visit and feel lucky that it’s on the door step, just a few miles away. I would recommend to anyone who loves the Arts and the open air to pay it a visit. With so many new exhibits around the grounds there is so much to discover. Henry Moore, Antony Gormley, and Barbara Hepworth all have permanent installations. Below are some of my personal photography.


Beautiful feather sculptures

Kate MccGwire @ has some amazing work. This renowned British sculptor uses natural materials to create elegant organic forms. Her feather sculptures are look almost alive and you can appreciate the time and detail she dedicates to each piece. Discover more here

photography credit: Francis Ware | Artist credit: Kate MccGwire

Kate MccGwire sculpture

Kate MccGwire sculpture