ASDA opticians


Respect week

Working closely with WorkingLinks supporting their internal wellbeing week. Creating concepts to communicate with colleagues the many topics covered during the week. From mental health to learning this content was promoted by web banners and desktop images.



Retail Concepts

Retail concepts and visualisation for a Supermarket electrical department.

Minimode brand & retail

The Childrens clothing brand MiniMode was created as a ‘Shop within a shop’ concession for Boots.
Offering quality Childrens clothes for parents, family & friends. My involvement was from name generation to concept and identity. Taking the experience through the whole shopper journey from packaging to point of sale.

Monsterquest App

 This had been a long time ambition publishing a Childrens book. To date it has sold in Europe and North America via the Itunes store. An Interactive undersea adventure with animated pages and colouring activities full of monsters and sea creatures. It began as some illustrations to share with my Children and after many long evenings and weekends i developed it into an iPad app.


Various retail projects includes Creative direction of photo shoots through to final point of sale execution.

Remarkable branding

Identity development for a corporate training company.
Name development & Creative direction, copywriting and design.

Various literature

A selection of literature & printed material. Each piece is designed with the end customer in mind. Clear communication and call to action is considered.




Identity & branding

Cult of looks branding & identity

With extensive knowledge and expertise in developing brands and identities. We make it our business to know your business from every available insight and value. Creating & developing the visual personality of your brand.

Here is a small preview of the projects we’ve had the privilege of working on.